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“I have more confidence asking questions I wouldn’t have had the guts to ask before.”

At the start of the course I hoped to be a better communicator to make interactions with various people easier or more fulfilling. In my mind I thought it would focus more on live conversation.

The actual course was way better. It ran so much deeper than that.

I felt like you were trying to tackle the very foundations of communication and exposing areas of communication that has previously been a thought or entirely unknown to me.

I had this desire to build stronger connections and to learn how to provide support to people in the form of being a good listener.

MasterCom was the perfect way to learn how to hone those skills.

I have more confidence asking questions I wouldn't have had the guts to ask before.

And I feel I have stronger connections because asking better questions has led to more open and honest conversations. I definitely feel closer to people after feeling like the space in between us is a safe space to share and bring one another closer together. This must be universal, right?

As for providing people with an ear, this has to be the biggest eye-opener for me.

From the first two Bounce Conversations I could visibly see and feel the relief my friends felt after sharing their situation and having someone listen, ask questions, and help them truly concentrate on this situation and work through it with them. This has to be the biggest takeaway for me!

And it felt good to set aside time with people I love...

… and support them by providing a listening ear and asking a couple of questions.​ It was short (20 mins), sweet (me, duh!), and (hopefully) a positive outcome will come of it.

I have to say, I’ve learned a lot about ‘timing’ through MasterCom.

I am always in a rush to solve problems, but sometimes just waiting for the right time, and scheduling in time for a chat, can also be hugely helpful.

I came into MasterCom thinking one way about communication and I left with something very different.

There were so many tangible things I could try to change the way I approached conversations. In the days after MasterCom, close friends of mine were curious about the changes they saw in the way I was interacting with them.

— Katie, Entrepreneur & Former International Educator

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