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“MasterCom provided me with more clarity into the problems I was facing. As a new mom, it gave me valuable support and increased my confidence.”

When I started MasterCom I was going through a hard time.

I had recently given birth and was feeling isolated. My core goal was to improve my communication skills and strength the connection I had with my partner.

The program helped me through a very challenging time in my life, when I felt completely overwhelmed and alone.

I had a traumatic start to motherhood. It was everything at once. My son was born and admitted to the NICU and needed surgery. I lost the job I loved which supported my family financially. I was having difficulty in my relationship while also preparing for an international move. I was dealing with a lot.

I was provided with a safe space to explore my thoughts and feelings freely.

The questions explored throughout the program helped me gain valuable insight into my communication style while the Bounce Conversations helped me view my thoughts and feelings from a new perspective. The combination of these made me feel better able to solve the challenges I was facing.

The Bounce Conversations also allowed me to go deeper into areas that I was avoiding.

As a new mom, the swift change of life while being exhausted and coping with other major life challenges at the same time was all incredibly overwhelming.

Bounce conversations allowed me to focus and reflect on things that were within my control to shift and discover new, better ways to adapt and evolve. It made me more resilient.

This communication style cultivates a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings that are not criticized, negated or judged in any way.

This unique process allowed me to reconnect with myself while overcoming adversity

During MasterCom I learned that we all deserve to be heard and how a skilled listener can guide us to be more honest with ourselves. I felt safe, understood, seen and accepted. This inspired me in a profound way, it let me experience how I want to show up and be present for my son.

Being heard and challenged like this was something that I needed, yet I didn’t know it until I had experienced it.

After completing MasterCom, I learned how questions can enhance and strengthen my relationships and at the same time help me become more connected with myself. I get much more out of conversations with others and have dramatically improved my self-talk. I enjoy being more curious and seeing where each question leads.

My biggest take away from MasterCom was how being asked and asking the right questions helped me to find more meaning in my life.

This program allowed me to experience the powerful impact great listening can have in our lives and has forever changed the way I view communication. I see conversations and asking good questions as a way to support others and to further my own learning and personal growth each day and I will carry this with me throughout life.

Jen, Educator, Board Chair, Mentor-Coach

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