It all started with a question...

“Why can I talk to pretty much anyone about anything… except the person I’m supposed to be closest with?”

It was this question that inspired Bounce, a 20-minute conversation framework that creates a safe space to express and explore the challenges on our mind.

And although the question was initially inspired by a relationship with a significant other… the Bounce tool has come to support professionals across 25 countries to experience the gift of great listening and good questions to break-through 2,000 challenges (and counting!).

And we’ve learned along the way that by supporting each other to break-through the important challenges on our minds, we’d also improve communication, create more connection, and strengthen collaboration across cultures, companies, and classrooms.

Wonder who you'd have your first Bounce with?

We’re here to lend our ears and ask the right questions to help you break-through.

M C K's Headshot. Brightly colored background. Bic pen in his ear. Short hair, bearded. Casually dressed. Bright eyes and a big smile.


The Questions Guy, Mentor-Coach

MCK creates spaces and practical tools that make it easy to ask and receive good questions – the key to finding our answers. While he originally created Bounce to navigate his own challenges, over the last 5 years he’s helped people across 25 countries find their way through 2,000+ break-through conversations. And over the years he’s worked alongside Microsoft, Nokia, Société Générale, Honeywell, Greenpeace, and Guinness World Records. When not in a Bounce Convo, find MCK on his yoga mat, at an event obsessively taking notes with a Bic pen, or swapping notes with other entrepreneurs.



Creative Director, Mentor-Coach

Chrislyn is an Emmy-winning storyteller, curious about cultural narratives that shape who we are. Existential questions like “Who am I? Where is home?” have driven her to interview families of hyphenated heritage around the world. When Bounce came into her life, Chrislyn’s identity crisis gave rise to inner clarity, inviting her to explore her own story with patience and curiosity. Now, when she’s not facilitating Bounces, you can find her documenting her roots, decluttering, and drooling over family recipes.

So… what’s on your mind?

Bounce will help you gain clarity and decide on a next step with a pressing challenge.

Let’s help you break-through. All we need is 20 minutes.

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