Interested in a conversation where you
will feel heard, not judged?

I bet you’ve got a lot going on right now. And plenty to think about.

Some of these things are professional things. Some of these things are personal things. Some are a combination of both.

Some of these things are BIG things. Some of these things are small things.

Some of these things have happened in the past, some are happening in the present, some have not happened… yet.

But there’s one thing that each of these things have in common…

They matter to you.

BUT, you might not feel comfortable bringing them up.

You might be worried what someone else might think.

You might be worried about taking someone time.

You might be worried about asking for a favor.

You also might not want to hear the suggestions, the advice, the judgment that comes even from the people who care and are interested in ‘helping’ us the most.

Bounce Conversation is a 20-minute conversation between two people that talk about one thing.

You get to feel heard and not judged.

A great listener will ask you good questions in order to give you the space to think about something in a way that makes sense to you.

They will thoughtfully attempt to understand why you think what you think, where you’re coming from, why you’re approaching something in a particular way, or how you might like to approach something differently.

Does this sound like something that would be helpful to you?

Would you like to try one?

What Do People Say About Bounce?

While the actual content of a Bounce Conversation is private, and always kept between those two people, here’s a sampling of things people have shared about their Bounce Conversation experience:

“You gave me the space to gain greater clarity on what’s going on.”

“Why am I doing this? Having a person ask questions worked. Because I had to respond. I couldn’t just pretend.”

“I’ve spent $1,000s of dollars and the last 6 months in therapy, which wasn’t as effective as the last 12 minutes.”

“I definitely never thought about it like that before.”

“I realized the question I started with wasn’t my real question.”

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this, but I just never said it out loud to anybody before. That made it real.”

“Wow. I guess I didn’t have to share the entire story to get to what matters.“

“Bounce helped me see exactly how fear was preventing me from moving forward.”

“They help me make sure I’m solving the right problem.”

“They’re a great way to help me bypass my affirmation bias, confirming a view I already have, so I can learn something new.”

“I’ve got a lot of energy right now; I feel a lot more confident in what I’m thinking.”

“This is great; I know exactly what I want to do next.”

“During Bounce Conversations, I’ve found that being listened to and then asked such deep and reflective questions makes me feel heard and allows me to go deeper into areas I might be avoiding.”
“The process was quick and very effective. Often after 20 minutes, I come to a place where I gain the clarity I need.”
“This communication style cultivates a safe space to explore thoughts and feelings that are not criticized, negated or judged in any way.”

“When I Bounce, I’m spinning with a question… I’m spinning in place… and Bounce helps interrupt that spin and set me on a straight path forward.”

“The whole Bounce framework works. It makes people open up in ways they didn’t expect to open up and learn things they didn’t expect to learn almost every time.”
“Bounce Conversations help me step back from my assumptions, what I might want to believe, and challenge the narrative I may already have so I can get to a deeper truth.”

“Our Bounce last night really helped me sleep better than I have for a few days.”

“It was helpful in a short span of time. I could sense that all your energies were focused on supporting me. I gained a lot of clarity as to what I want and what I need to do in order to achieve what I want.”

Would you like to try a Bounce Conversation?

Put the pieces together for a top-of-mind situation that matters to you.

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