So... what's on your mind?


I bet you have a lot on your mind… and not a lot of time.
The Bounce Conversation could be a BIG help.


⇒ Express with Confidence

Train a confidence so powerful that you will no longer hesitate to say what you actually think and feel.

⊕ Get Clear and Focused

Develop a laser focused awareness within yourself that will empower you to take action in areas you haven’t been able to before.

♦ Build Trust

Establish a strong bond with others, and yourself,  when you progressively expand your listening skills to the next level.

♥ Feel Connected

Develop the skills to connect with others easily, but more importantly, you’ll be able to connect with yourself better than ever.

Are you constantly

Let’s explore some of that thinking together.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about this, but I just never said it out loud to anybody before. That made it real.”

“Bounce helps me step back from my assumptions and challenge the narrative I already have, so I can get to a deeper truth.”

“I’ve spent $1,000s of dollars and the last 6 months in therapy, which wasn’t as effective as the last 12 minutes.”

“I often find myself spinning in place… Bounce interrupts that spin and sets me on a straight path forward.”

“The whole Bounce framework works. You open up in ways you don’t expect and learn something new, almost every time.”

“Wow. I guess I didn’t have to share the entire story to get to what matters.“

“Our Bounce conversation last night helped me sleep better than I have in days.”

“Bounce helped me see exactly how fear was preventing me from moving forward.”

What's the hardest conversation you've had this year?

Online and offline. Family and friends. Colleagues and strangers.

We’re having lots of challenging conversations in 2020.

We feel unheard and disconnected.

We “don’t bring it up” anymore to avoid conflict.

We’ve lost trust.

We can’t seem to find common ground anymore.

How did we get here?

And how do we end this spiral into our own echo chambers?

If you’re looking for a different direction, join us to…

Escape Your Echo Chamber

In this FREE workshop, you will learn the Bounce Conversation Framework, a powerful tool that helps you…

Feel Heard,
Not Judged

Have the space and support to express how you truly feel.

Gain Clarity

Walk away with fresh perspective and a next step with a challenge you’re facing right now (no unsolicited advice!).

Deepen Connection

Feel seen, understood, respected – and offer the same in return.

The Power of Bounce

At QSATA, we believe that Questions are the Answer. Since 2015, our team of facilitators has helped organizations, couples, and professionals across 25 countries experience the gift of curious listening through over 2000 Bounce Conversations (and counting!). 

To foster a deeply engaging experience, Escape Your Echo Chamber is 90 minutes and capped at 10 people.

While what’s shared in a Bounce stays in a Bounce, here’s what you can expect to experience during our workshop.

Want to Escape Your Echo Chamber?
There’s a better way to connect with those around you.

Getting stuck in your head? Not able to say what's on your mind?

Which Means You:

» Don’t Say What You Really Think and Feel
» Don’t Ask the Questions You Want to Ask
» Have Difficulty Setting Boundaries
» Constantly Avoid Conflict

Introducing MasterCom

A 28-day process to help you:

♦ Focus to Better Understand and Find Your Voice
♦ Improve the Quality of Your Relationships 
♦ Eliminate Your Mental Blocks
♦ Act on Your Goals and Ambitions with Confidence

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