Finding our own way, together

The Bounce Exchange connects strangers to be great listeners, ask good questions, and help each other find our way.

What We Promise

We bring an open, honest, and curious mindset to every conversation.

The Bounce Exchange (TBX) connects people for honest conversations about the things that matter to us. Through great listening and good questions, we come away feeling lighter, with more clarity, and a course of action.

What We Value

Respect Your Time

Respect for Time

Your time is valuable. The Bounce Exchange streamlines quality conversations for even the busiest of schedules.

Once a week, we’ll take care of matching you with 1 person for a structured 1-hour Bounce Conversation. Show up knowing exactly what to expect every time – except for the new insights you’ll get!




In TBX, we celebrate the surprising ways that helping someone else actually helps you too.

Bounce Conversations are designed to create a safe environment of shared power, where both sides enjoy equal space and support. Beyond the one-way streets of coaching and therapy, grow your self-awareness by helping someone else on their journey – and receive the same in return.



Practice is the key to building lasting habits, and changing our conversations is no different!

When it comes down to it, TBX is our weekly communication gym. Like workout buddies, we believe in going far together, not alone. We’re here to keep each other accountable on the path to cultivating an open, honest, and curious Bounce Mindset in all of our interactions.

"Listening is the highest form of hospitality, not to change people but offering them space where change can take place."

– Henri Nouwen

Who TBX is for:

  • You have a lot on your mind, but not enough time to process it all
  • You (sometimes) show up better for others than you do for yourself
  • You like being asked good questions and want to ask better ones too
  • You want to be more self-aware and express yourself with confidence
  • You want to connect with your inner wisdom
  • You want to make decisions that are right for you

Who TBX is NOT for:

  • You don’t have 1 hour a week to invest in yourself
  • You prefer to spend time overthinking and stewing in your thoughts
  • You only want to hear advice from others about what you should do
  • You’ve got 99 problems and an answer for every one
  • You prefer to tell others what they should do
  • You don’t see how helping others can help you

Where do you go and who do you talk to... when you don't know where to go or who to talk to?

“Bounce topics don’t need to be profound or complex. This isn’t therapy or counseling. I can focus on something on my mind for a day, or that niggling issue keeping me up at night. Now I think about TBX Convos like a weekly tune-up, and see them as an even more valuable part of my life.”
“It's actually helpful to talk to people that don't know me well. Rather than rely on the past, TBXers listen to my words in the present. The exchange is heartfelt and met with an intent that's unlike most conversations.”
Marketing Strategist
“I’ve known for awhile that my relationships with others will only ever be as good as my relationship with myself. TBX has shown me that, by being myself, being more vulnerable, recognizing moments for powerful questions and actually asking them... I can change my relationships for the better.”
Community Sales & Marketing Manager

So… what’s on your mind?

Bounce Conversations will help you feel lighter, gain clarity, and find your next step.

Let’s talk about something that matters to you. It only takes 20 minutes.

Sign-Up for Your Communication Tune-Up

Please do be sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise, there will be a delay in starting your communication Tune-Up.

Sign-Up for Your Communication Tune-Up

Please do be sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise, there will be a delay in starting your Communication Tune-Up.

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