MasterCom FAQ

MasterCom is a 28-day boot camp-style experience that equips you to overcome your biggest communication challenge and improve your relationship(s).

You will thrive in MasterCom if any of the following applies to you:

  • A) have one specific or several relationships you would like to improve
  • B) have a specific professional or personal communication challenge or frustration
  • C) have a growth mindset and general desire to improve your communication skills and your relationships
  • Focus on Better Understanding and Finding Your Voice
  • Improve the Quality of Your Relationships
  • Eliminate Your Mental Blocks
  • Act on Your Goals and Ambitions with Confidence
  • Learn a Powerful Tool: The Bounce Conversation Framework 

Taking time to engage a little bit every day will make a BIG difference. The best habits are cultivated this way. 

This is ultimately up to you. But click here to take a look at the challenges and frustrations I see many people face and ultimately focus on during MasterCom.
  • To get the most out of MasterCom, expect to spend between 18 and 24 hours over the course of the month.
  • Set the tone for your day by spending 30 mins to read a prompt (all days), watch a video (some days), and share your reflection with me. Your Mentor-Coach is there with you every day, ready to respond with feedback.
  • Apply the daily prompt to each of your interactions. Get more out of each day and see the kind of progress that’s possible in just a month.

We’ve made this work with the busiest of schedules and will ensure this works with yours 🙂

  • Each daily exercise is a digital conversation with your Mentor-Coach. You answer at the time that works with your schedule.
  • 8 of these exercise days you will engage someone in your life (you choose who).
  • Once a week, you’ll spend 45-60 mins with your Mentor-Coach. First focused on one meaningful situation of your choice.
  • Then a discussion/review of the week – what was good? what was challenging? Anything to tweak? Will you continue with your same focus or adjust?

MasterCom has been designed with structure to allow for a high degree of personalization. 

  • In almost all cases MasterCom is delivered 100% online using tools you already use.
  • Each prompt or exercise for the day can be done at home or at the office.
  • We align the program with your schedule.
  • People often ask, “Does it need to be 28 days?” And we typically respond, if you’re looking for transformation, to cultivate a new habit… then putting in focused, regular, dedicated work is a requirement.
  • We’ve found that one month is short enough to commit to (4 weeks schedules nicely into a busy calendar), and long enough to make real progress.
  • After you work hard for the 28 days of MasterCom, you will be welcomed into The Bounce Exchange (TBX) for two months to continue to build and maintain your improved communication habits through weekly Bounce Conversations with other curious, interested, open-minded folks like yourself.
  • Plus, you’ll have two additional 1-on-1 sessions with your Mentor-Coach to monitor your new habits, take note of any challenges you’re facing, and continue to celebrate your progress.
  • OR, decide to continue with The Bounce Exchange (TBX) and monthly 1-on-1 support for the rest of the year (a full 11 months after the initial 28-day MasterCom bootcamp).

Click here to take a look at the pricing page.

  • Because every dayevery step of the way, you will get the support you need to make the kind of progress people often see in 3, 6, 9, even up to 12 months when they work on their own. You’ll make this progress in just one month.
  • And if you’re looking for an opinion that’s not mine (and totally, 100% biased)… take another look at those testimonials above or here 🙂
Would you like to talk more in-depth about your challenges and frustrations?
Let’s talk more and explore if MasterCom is a good fit for you.

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Sign-Up for Your Communication Tune-Up

Please do be sure that your contact information is correct, otherwise, there will be a delay in starting your Communication Tune-Up.

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