What's the #1 Story that Shows Up in Your #1 Relationship?

Is it accurate?

The #1 story that rocked
my #1 relationship

I won’t get into all the specifics of my #1 relationship at the time, but here were some of the things I felt…

  • I found it hard to say what I was *actually* thinking and feeling.
  • I was afraid how my #1 would perceive me.
  • I had difficulty understanding and articulating my boundaries.
  • I regularly avoided communicating because I thought it would turn into conflict or complicate our relationship.
  • I easily got stuck in my head, endlessly over-thinking. 

Then one day, here’s the story that hit me [hard]:

Why is it that I can talk to pretty much anyone about anything… except for the person I’m supposed to be the closest to?

Emotional Rock Bottom +
Emotional Unlock

I initially felt whatever needed to change in my #1 relationship wasn’t my responsibility; once my significant other changed, I thought things would get better.

Turns out… not an accurate story 😂


While it [unfortunately] took a loooooong time, some really hard relationships, and a lot of wandering… and luck… for me to find my way.

[Not to mention it was a pretty lonely journey.]

Ultimately, I was led to the insight [and my accurate story]…

my *biggest* challenge was being afraid to let down the people that I was the closest to.

And welcome to the beginning of my next-level break-through.

How Openness + Honesty
Changed My Life

The beauty of being more open, more honest, and more direct was…

  • I let go of the parts of myself I thought I needed to hide.
  • I was less confused and had more clarity.
  • I felt more confident.
  • It was easier to collaborate with others
  • I unlocked a new level of depth in my relationships.

When I started to share this story, I found a lot of people who were challenged by or struggling with an important relationship in their life.

Supporting Others to

 We’ve facilitated break-throughs for 100+ people from 17 different countries. Folks across a range of professional pursuits 

Entrepreneurs and start-up founders. Engineers and educators. Coaches and consultants. People managers and marketers 

Break-throughs in their professional lives. Others in their personal lives. And sometimes, both.

But don’t just take my word for it… 

“MasterCom not only improved my own communication skills, but also for those closest to me. Open, honest, and calm conversations are infectious, and the people around me (my friends, my business partner, my boyfriend) couldn’t help but reciprocate communicating like this.”

Katie, Entrepreneur & Former International Educator

“My MasterCom experience made me realize that I didn’t have to have all the answers, or to give advice. I became better at asking the right questions and now I have a framework to help people think through issues that they are facing.”

Bel, Co-Founder & COO


“I originally joined MasterCom for professional reasons. I didn’t expect it to influence me in such a personal way. MasterCom not only helped me to improve the way I communicate with others, but also helped me to improve the way I think. I discovered new things and saw my colleagues in new ways. I also discovered a new “me” at the bottom of my heart.

Ying, NYU Shanghai; Former VP, Forbes 30U30


“Before MasterCom, I wasn’t sure that creating communication habits was possible. In just 28 days, by focusing on my “communication,” I found my music again and the rhythm of confidence and positivity from my past was stronger than before. This program has been far more helpful than even my best therapist.“

Allison, Educator, Artist, & Constant Work in Progress


"The way we all approach communication is a bit like plumbing in a house. We only think about it when there's a leak. And once it's fixed, we forget about it.

But maybe the plumbing of the whole house needs to be improved. MasterCom allowed me to fix the plumbing in my house, not just a leak."

Jeff, Engineer, Designer, Entrepreneur, Musician


“We often think about communication as this thing we do with other people. And, I think of myself as quite a good communicator with others. Thanks to MasterCom, I practiced looking at myself in a more objective way and being kinder to myself.

Helena, Innovation Coordinator & Community Organizer


The biggest takeaway I was not expecting from this program was learning how to be more honest and communicate better with myself. Rather than putting myself down, how could I speak up for myself? How could I set better boundaries? More and more, I’ve also seen the importance of being around people who ask good and necessary questions, especially the questions that are hard or uncomfortable to ask.”

Angela, Media Production Professional

Months after our leadership team participated in MasterCom for Team Leaders, we continue to reap the benefits of the program. Why aren’t more corporate leadership programs like this one?”

Marco, SVP Guinness World Records


I saw MasterCom as a good way to teach my partner some of the things that I know on a more level playing field. A non-biased program with content that I buy into it, but he can hear it from sources that aren’t me. He got really into it. Way more so than I actually expected. And started to think and talk in a way that he never did before.

Erin, Group Therapy Facilitator


"MasterCom showed me that by being myself, being more vulnerable, recognizing moments for powerful questions and actually asking them, I could change my relationships for the better."

Xueying, Community Sales & Marketing Manager


“I believe that MasterCom has helped me make some lasting changes in my life. I have better behavior, am a better communicator, and have stronger relationships. Any course that provides a permanent upgrade to something so fundamentally important is worth taking.

Guy, 4x Founder & CEO


“I’m very good at seeing how others tell unhelpful stories about themselves, to themselves. But I can fall into the same trap too. MasterCom empowered me to listen to the voices in my head and learn from their wisdom. Thanks to MasterCom, I already feel the needle moving in my journey of self-acceptance.”

Chrislyn, Brand & Innovation Director

Would You Like More Clarity
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I can imagine you’re tired of communication being so hard…

Of the stress, the strain, the challenge, the difficulty, the uncertainty, the anxiety, the confusion that comes from your #1 most important relationship…

And I know it’s not easy to face alone.

Would you like some support?

If you take 5 minutes to share a bit of what’s going on…

I’ll offer you 20-minutes of my time to help you get some relationship clarity.

Plus, we’ll make sure you walk away with one key thing to do to improve that relationship.

So as we come to the end of this page, here's the bottom line...

I’d like to help you hear things you may not have heard before, see things you haven’t seen on your own, and say things you haven’t been able to say (or ask) before.

I hope you’ll take advantage of one of the options below today.

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What's the #1 Story that Shows Up in Your #1 Relationship?

Is it accurate?

Do you want to improve 
your #1 relationship?

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